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The heirs of Archibald and Nancy P. Williams

In Montgomery Deed Records Vol. 19, 1857–1864, pages 388-389, is recorded a deed between Nancy Williams and children to Elizabeth Ledbetter. The deed was entered into the 17 day of May 1858 between Nancy Williams and the heirs of Archibald Williams deceased, viz: James Andrews and wife Oney, Coll McDonald and wife Temperance, Samuel Gardner, Armistead Williams, and Jones Williams of the first part and Elizabeth Ledbetter of the second part. All parties of Montgomery County.

Nancy Williams and heirs for and in consideration of the sum of ninety dollars paid by Elizabeth Ledbetter sold a nine-acre tract of land in the county of Montgomery on the waters of Clark's Creek adjoining the land of Osborn Williams and the said Elizabeth Ledbetter.

Osborn Williams is the brother of Archibald Williams.

In another deed dated 3 Mar 1859 between William McRae, Administrator of Amanda McRae, and Elizabeth Ledbetter...that William McRae did expose to public sale on the 19 day of June 1858 the undivided interest of Amanda McRae in the land of her mother Nancy Williams and the said Elizabeth Ledbetter became the highest bidder and purchaser at the sum of 100 dollars.

Archibald Williams died about 1851 in Montgomery County, North Carolina. He was born to Isham and Francis Williams about 1792 in Montgomery County. His estate file, being 18 pages, provides some interesting clues as to the life he led. He evidently owned 3 plantations that were rented out. 

S[?] Gardner Plantation was rented to Samuel Gardner

Orchard Field was rented to Armistead Williams

Road Field was rented to John Frasier

Armistead was married to Nancy P., maiden name currently unknown. In 1851, the Montgomery County court ordered that Samuel Scarborough and C. W. Wooley, and D. T. Pemberton be appointed commissioners to lay off and allot to Nancy Williams, widow of Arch. Williams dec’d, one year’s provisions out her husband’s estate for her and her family’s support.

At his death, Archibald had a minor child, Jones Williams. Nancy, the wife of Archibald and mother of Jones, along with James C. Andrews, were appointed guardians. Nancy Williams died about 1858. Her estate file is found at both Ancestry and Family Search.

In 1860, the children of Archibald and Nancy Williams go back to court after the two years allowed for Administration have expired and the Administrator of Nancy Williams deceased, James C. Andrews, who took out letters of Administration in 1858, has failed to settle her estate.

The estate was finally settled in 1860 by C. W. Wooley.

The heirs of Archibald and Nancy P. Williams are:

Amanda Williams, born about 1821. She married first John Dumas and they had one child, John P. Dumas about 1842. John Dumas, the elder, died prior to 1845 as Amanda is found remarried to Joseph McRae on the 1850 Census. Children of Amanda and Joseph are James (1845), Monroe (1849), Mary (1851), Nancy (1853), and Joseph (1855). Amanda died about 1857 and is buried in the McRae Cemetery in Pee Dee, Montgomery County, North Carolina.

Oney Williams, born about 1825. She married James C. Andrews 16 Jul 1849. This couple is found on the 1860 Census living in Zion, Montgomery County, with children, Annaliza (1851), William (1854), and Archibald (1857). Oney died after 1880 as she is found living with her son, William, on the 1880 Census.

Francis Williams, born about 1827. She married Samuel W. Gardner 23 Mar 1848. Francis is found on the 1850 Census with husband, Samuel, and 6-year-old, William Gardner and newborn, Martha Gardner. This leads me to think that William may not be the child of Francis. She and Samuel married in 1848, 4 years after William was born. So, who is William’s mother? At least two other children, Sarah (called Sallie (1852), and Alexander (1854), were born to Samuel and Francis. Samuel married second (or third) to Sarah Jane Ballard in 1858, This couple had at least two children, Miles (1864) and Thomas (1875). So, Francis died prior to the 1858 marriage of Samuel and Jane.

Temperance (Tempy) Williams, born about 1831. She married Coll McDonald 6 Nov 1848. The 1850 Census shows them living next door to Tempy’s parents, Archibald, and Nancy, with no children. The couple did go onto have at least four children, Mary Ann (1850), Charles (1852), William (1855), and John (1858). Temperance is last found on the 1880 living next door her brother-in-law, Sam Gardner, in Mount Gilead, Montgomery County. Coll McDonald died in 1860. Interestingly, Temperance (Tempy) has two young ladies living in her home, Sarah (1862) and Jane (1869).

Seth Armistead Williams, born about 1833. He married Martha Ballard. In 1870, Seth is found living in Mount Gilead with wife, Martha, and children Milton (1866), Mary (1869), Elizabeth (1860). Also living in the home is his mother, Nancy Williams, age 73. Future Census’s show children William (1871), E. Francis (1874), Ellen (1876), Minnie (1882) and Mattie (1886). The 1900 Census shows Walter Crouch (1884) a nephew living with Seth Williams.

Jones Williams born about 1836. He married Martha Matheson. The 1870 Census shows this family to include children, Armistead (1868) and Mary (1869). The 1880 Census shows the family expanded with more children, Archie (1872), Nancy (1874). The 1900 Census shows Sam (1884), Winnie (1888), and a grandson, Marshal (1897).