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The Shaw Family

In 2019, in the blog, Eliza Morris, wife of Pinkney Shaw, I made note that this couple lived close to a man named Thomas Shaw, who I thought may very likely be the father of Pinkney Shaw. At that time, I had not found any documented proof of Pinkney’s parents. Since then, I have found the estate file of Thomas Shaw, and it was very helpful in stringing together some of the families of Montgomery and Randolph counties, in particular some members of my Morris family.   

Pinkney Shaw was born 18 Dec 1820 to Thomas and Elizabeth Shaw. Some trees I reviewed showed Elizabeth’s maiden name to be Luther. I have not found solid proof of that yet. Thomas Shaw was born in North Carolina about the year 1789 to Gardner and Elizabeth Shaw. Some trees have her maiden name listed as Haley, but I have not found solid proof of that either. After Elizabeth died, Thomas remarried to Deborah Luther, daughter of Michael Luther Sr. and Mary Kendell. 

On the 1850 Census, Thomas Shaw was living in Montgomery County, North Carolina. His household consisted of his wife, Elizabeth, and children, Catherine, Thomas, Martin, Huldah, Winney, and George. Neighbors are James Hurley and Pinkney and Eliza Morris Shaw.

Eliza, wife of Pinkney Shaw, is the daughter of John Jacky and Amelia Morris. She is my 2nd great aunt, her brother, Thomas Morris, being my 2nd great grandfather. I have not yet uncovered how Pinkney and Eliza might have met or how the Shaw and Morris families knew one another. 

Gardner Shaw and his first wife, Elizabeth, had the following children:

Martin Shaw, born 1785, may have moved to Laurens, South Carolina. I am still searching for information on Martin to determine if he is the same man found in South Carolina.

Haley Shaw, born 1788, married Mary “Polly” Smithson in 1807. Haley looks to have migrated to Dekalb County, Georgia by 1830. In 1840, Haley Shaw is found in Cass County, Georgia. The 1850 Census shows Haley’s wife was named as Elizabeth, age 50, born about 1800. Based on age, and name, this cannot be Mary “Polly” Smithson, but is probably a second wife. 1860 finds Haley and family still located in Cass County, Georgia. A neighbor is listed as Benjamin Shaw, born about 1817 and may be the son of Haley and first wife, Polly. 1870 finds Haley in Bartow, Georgia. Cass County was renamed to Bartow in 1861. Haley Shaw died between the 1870 and 1880 Census years. His wife, Elizabeth, is found in 1880, living with son, James. Curiously, her parents are listed as being born in Germany, lending proof the family trees showing Elizabeth as the daughter of Michael Luther Jr., who may have been born in Germany, most definitely, his father, Michael Luther Sr. was born in Germany.

Thomas Shaw, born 1789, married Elizabeth Luther. Proof of her maiden name can be found on the marriage record of son, Martin, who married Ruth Ledwell, daughter of Thomas Ledwell and Cynthia Cranford. Several family trees place Elizabeth Luther as the daughter of Michael Luther Sr, but I am not able to find proof of that.

Thomas Shaw is found on the 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860 Census for Montgomery County, North Carolina. Amazingly, three lines of this family intermarried with my Morris family. One-line, Green Berry Shaw, intermarried with a Dennis family but I am not able to document how Sarah Dennis, wife of Green Berry Shaw, is related to the Dennis family in Montgomery County.

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Luther Shaw are:

Catherine b. 1818, never married as far as I can tell

Pinkney b. 1820, married Eliza Morris, daughter of John Jacky and Amelia Morris

Green Berry b. 1824, married Sarah Dennis

Jesse b. 1826

Thomas b. 1828, married Letitia Jane “Lila” Rich

Martin b. 1829, married Ruth Ledwell

Lewis b. 1830

John b. 1833 m. Mahulda, she is alluded to in the estate file of Thomas Shaw Sr. as his daughter-in-law. A son of John and Mahulda, Harris Shaw, married Sarah Morris, daughter of Thomas and Mary ‘Polly’ Williams Morris, and niece of Eliza Morris Shaw

Elizabeth b. 1835, married Thomas Hall

Winney b. 1839, had an illegitimate daughter, Mary “Sug” Shaw, who married Elias Morris, son of Thomas and Mary ‘Polly’ Williams Morris, and nephew of Eliza Morris Shaw

George b. 1840

Tillman Shaw, born 1791, married Susannah Smith. He is found on the 1830, 1840, and 1850 Census for Randolph County, North Carolina.

Tillman and Susannah had the following children:

Mary, born 1815, married Dawson Steed

John, born 1813

Unknown daughter, born 1815, married Abraham Luther

Martha, born 1817, married Elwood Ledwell

William, born 1819

J. G., born 1821

Caswell, born 1823

Nancy, born 1825, married William Lax

Calvin, born 1827

Nixon, born 1829, married Risa Cuma

Caroline, born 1831, married Hudson Nance

Mary ‘Polly’ Shaw, born 1793, married Jesse Lewis, son of Samuel Lewis from Maryland.

Mary and Jesse had the following children:

Endocia b. 1825

Calvin b. 1830

Henry b. 1835

Winney b. 1837

Gardner b. 1841

Nathan b. 1843

John Shaw, born 1795, conflicting information found on John prevents me from posting anything about him until I can determine the correct family for him.

Elizabeth Shaw, born 1797, married Richard Carter of whom I know nothing about.

Nancy Shaw, born 1799, married William Harris, conflicting information found on William prevents me from posting anything about him until I can determine the correct family for him.

Gardner and his second wife, Deborah, had the following children:

Fielding Shaw, born 1827, married Lucinda Sanders

Sarah Shaw, born 1829, no further information

Deborah Luther Shaw has a well-documented family. She is the daughter of Michael Luther Sr. born in Germany in 1751, and Mary Kendall, born 1760 in Maryland. The Luther family was established in the county of Randolph, probably prior to 1790, where they can be found on Census and deed records.

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